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Flow-1: Pull Docker Image from Docker Hub and Run it

Step-1: Verify Docker version and also login to Docker Hub

docker version
docker login

Step-2: Pull Image from Docker Hub

docker pull stacksimplify/dockerintro-springboot-helloworld-rest-api:1.0.0-RELEASE

Step-3: Run the downloaded Docker Image & Access the Application

  • Copy the docker image name from Docker Hub
    docker run --name app1 -p 80:8080 -d stacksimplify/dockerintro-springboot-helloworld-rest-api:1.0.0-RELEASE

Step-4: List Running Containers

docker ps
docker ps -a
docker ps -a -q

Step-5: Connect to Container Terminal

docker exec -it <container-name> /bin/sh

Step-6: Container Stop, Start

docker stop <container-name>
docker start  <container-name>

AWS EKS - Elastic Kubernetes Service - Masterclass


Step-7: Remove Container

docker stop <container-name> 
docker rm <container-name>

Step-8: Remove Image

docker images
docker rmi  <image-id>